Lieutenant Governor's Medal of Distinction in Public Administration

About The Institute of Public Administration of Canada

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), created in 1947, is a  dynamic national non-partisan organization dedicated to excellence in public administration. IPAC's members include public decision-makers from all levels of government across Canada, academics, students, and organizations interested in public administration. There are 17 IPAC Regional Groups, including three from Ontario (Hamilton, National Capital Region and Toronto.  The Institute fosters learning and idea exchanges on trends, practices and innovations in public administration through  research, publications, and recognition of excellence in public administration. 

  • Learning…  IPAC fosters learning through its publications (Canadian Public Administration journal, Public Sector Management magazine, the Canadian Public Administration series, case studies, simulations and monographs), action research program, workshops, conferences and the international program.  
  • Networking…  IPAC provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas on current trends and practices in public administration by public servants from the federal, provincial and municipal governments, academics, students and interested individuals from the private sector.  The international program provides opportunities for those in the Canadian public administration community to provide technical and managerial assistance to developing countries.  
  • Celebrating…  IPAC promotes and celebrates good practices and innovation in the public sector through numerous awards. Individual achievement is recognized through the Governor General’s Vanier Medal, and the Lieutenant Governor’s Medals that are awarded in most provinces in conjunction with the Regional Groups. Also, there are other Awards that recognize innovation and leadership in the public sector.