Lieutenant Governor's Medal of Distinction in Public Administration


Dear Colleague,

The Hamilton, National Capital Region and Toronto Regional Groups are honoured to partner with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario each year to recognize excellence in public administration in Ontario.  

Volunteers from the three Regional Groups plan and oversee the nomination and selection process and work with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office to plan the Medal presentation ceremony and reception.  

The process to select the Medal recipient is a serious undertaking that is administered with care and professionalism.  It is also a time for celebration - public service is an honourable and vital calling that is not appropriately recognized.  We hope you agree.  

The integrity of the Medal and the honour that it brings depends on the ongoing support for the process.  We need your help.  You can:

Please join us in our work to recognize excellence in public administration in Ontario. 


Hamilton Regional Group  • National Capital Regional Group  • Toronto Regional Group